13 min 24 sec | 2019


Dan Gaud


An unfinished game of hide and seek becomes a race against the clock for Liam. In a futuristic rural village filled with archaic machines, he must become a ruthless vigilante to find his missing sister.

Liam’s British robot housekeeper thinks he’s a loser. A true slacker. But his younger sister Ana doesn’t care. She loves her brother no matter how flawed. Liam does his best to take care of her while their father is away working in the mines up on Mars. Things go sour when Ana suddenly goes missing. Putting posters on telephone poles and waiting for the authorities to do something is not enough for Liam. For the first in his life, he decides to take control. Night by night, he slowly becomes a masked vigilante hell bent on finding her. With a single crowbar strapped to his back using magnets, he forces his way into the criminal underworld in order to extract information from anyone that crosses his path. A tale of violence, redemption and robots.