The Shepherd

7 min 56 sec | 2017

Lasse Rützou Bruntse & John Henrik Muller


When a mysterious creature crash lands in the mountains, a local girl finds a reclusive shepherd and his flock of sheep to be more than meets the eye.

The story revolves around Asmita, a young Nepali orphan, who by chance run into a strange shepherd in the mountains. She has stolen food from the village people, but the shepherd, named Isaac, takes it from her, determined to teach her a lesson. She ends up learning more than he expects, as she uncovers the true nature of him and his odd sheep; that he is an intergalactic defender of the planet, and the sheep are former alien invaders. When suddenly a new invader crash lands in the mountains, Asmita is put to the test: does she have what it takes to become like Issac – intergalactic protector of the planet – or is she forever doomed to the streets? After a short battle, where Isaac is loosing the battle to the invader, Asmita steps in and overpowers the alien. She is surprised to find that the shepherds staff can turn aliens into sheep. Isaac is surprised too, that Asmita was able to help him out. As a reward she gets to stay with him and join the ranks as protector of planet earth.


Lasse Rützou Bruntse
John Henrik Muller
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