Cover Your Eyes

3 min 52 sec | 2019


Simon Alveranga


With Earth on the brink of an inexorable alien invasion, can one desperate young girl call for help before its too late?

The story opens with our protagonist witnessing the beginnings of first contact. Next, we see her running through the woods in an effort to stay hidden from the multiplying alien force.

As night falls over the forest she is hiding in we learn more about what has brought her to this place. She explains that her father learnt too much about the visitors and now he has gone.

We watch as she builds a fire and prepares herself for an ancient ceremony of communication. She explains that thanks to our obsession with the material we were defenceless against the alien visitors. By neglecting our spiritual development we failed to take our place amongst the real Galactic Community.

As the film concludes we see her begin the ceremony. She is alone, desperate and feels stupid but she has to try to get through before Earth is lost. As the ceremony develops something begins to happen.