Sofie Somoroff

Sofie is a director based in Los Angeles, but is undeniably from New York. She strives to uncover the messiness of womanhood, delve deep into feminine taboos, and explore everything she grew up being told to hide in her modern-orthodox Jewish upbringing. Recent directing credits include a series of musicals about living in Los Angeles: MY FIRST NIGHT IN LOS ANGELES, which tells the story of a girl learning self-love while crashing in her friend’s living room, and MY WORST NIGHT IN LOS ANGELES, about needing to poop while on a Hinge date; as well as an upcoming horror short, LOVE IS A FIRE, about an acidic yeast infection. She likes to say she’s going through filmmaker puberty.

Her work’s been recognized by the New York State Senate, where she was honored as a Woman of Distinction.

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