Robert Allaire

Robert Allaire is a Los Angeles based composer whose work at the intersection of music and sound design has garnered accolades from LA Weekly and The New York Times. His style fuses dark electronics, contemporary experimental techniques, and bold orchestral writing into a unique voice which has been heard in films, video games, and over 1,000 episodes of television.

Robert’s egalitarian approach to a diverse range of musical styles has led to wide variety in his film work. In 2018 he composed a classic action-adventure score for MGM’s prequel series Stargate: Origins. He provided an intimate, romantic orchestral score for Dennis Hauck’s bold debut feature Too Late, a metal-infused noise score featuring the sound of razor blades on guitar strings for Adam Egypt Mortimer’s feminist slasher Some Kind of Hate, and a dark, glitchy electronic score for Sony’s video game Kill Strain.

In addition to his own projects, Robert has worked closely with composers such as James S. Levine (American Horror Story) and Garry Schyman (Bioshock) on various television shows and video game projects providing additional music and synth programming.

Robert is also a lover of experimental film and collaborated with filmmaker Betzy Bromberg on her hypnotic And the Night Illuminated the Night, which the New York Times described as “wonderfully scored” and selected as one of their best films of 2011. They subsequently reunited to work on her latest 16mm meditation, Glide of Transparency, which premiered in late 2016.

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