Nanci Cruz

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, I moved with my family to Spain at a very young age. I grew up and graduated from high school with a degree in arts and humanities. In 2003, I started my first degree in Linguistics and English at university, and then took a year off to study for a one-year diploma in production and direction for film and TV. From 2011 to 2015, I was trained in acting and directing in London.
In 2019, I graduated with a BA in Film Studies from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where I developed my final year major project titled “Contemporary Ibero-American productions and their distribution in the film industry in comparison with Hollywood”. As a student in Cambridge, I produced my own projects and also provided support for other young filmmakers/directors. In the past, I’ve been a content producer for the Student Union at Anglia Ruskin University. In addition to this, I have worked and volunteered at various film festivals in the UK and Europe (Cambridge Film Festival, Watersprite, BFI, Berlin Film Festival, IFFR, FEST- New Directors, Sundance London, etc.). I was the creative director and facilitator for workshops at Next Move Arts, a graduate hub platform that creates new opportunities for film industry professionals seeking to gain practical skills. In the summer of 2018, I worked with Balik Arts as a facilitator in Skill Reels film documentary workshops for young students from Turkey (while also managing a location for a Turkish film crew shooting their film).
Between 2020 and the middle of 2021, I worked as a Content Editor/Producer for Little Dot Studios and a Community Manager for Jellysmack. I’m still doing some content production for social media. I have served as a jury curator for The Galactic Imaginarium Sci-Fi Film Festival in Romania, and Taste of Anatolia for Balik Arts.
I finished my M.A. in Film Distribution and Marketing at Birmingham City University (BCU) in September of 2021 with a Merit award. For the past six months, I’ve worked as a Publicist Assistant at PREMIER PR.
I also enjoy music, history, and art, as well as travel when I have the opportunity to visit a new country and learn about another culture. My native languages are Portuguese, Spanish, and English; I also speak basic French and Italian.

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