Monique Mulcahy

Monique Mulcahy is an emerging filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. Having built a thriving career as a commercial and content producer, Monique has produced a variety of live action, animation and stop motion projects from concept development, through to production and finishing. However her true passion lies in writing and directing. Her love and knowledge of genre filmmaking has contributed to her unique take on blending elements of scifi, horror and drama to tell exciting and emotionally engaging stories on screen. This is reflected in her past films including her Graduate film from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, ‘Man in the Moon’, and other films such as ‘Afterbirth’ (2015), ‘Zombies in Brunswick’ (2015) and ‘Shut-ins’ (2014).

Monique has a number of animated series in development, including the ABC Australia and Film Victoria funded adult animated series Goblin Spoon, and the stop motion underwater preschool series Indie’s Bathtime, which she co-created with award winning director Goldy. Monique’s latest foray into the crypto and NFT space has been jam-packed with exciting opportunities, and she is currently the producer and co-creative lead on an NFT inspired hybrid animation short film series, Noun Stories, to be launched in 2022.

Monique’s love of film and her flair for bringing creative people together has culminated in her heavy involvement in the local Australian screen industry. For three years she helmed the International Youth Silent Film Festival as the Regional Producer of the Victorian competition, and she has recently taken on the role of Events Coordinator of the Women in Film and Television organisation where she is in charge of bringing dynamic and enriching events to female screen practitioners.

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