Juan Pablo Arriagada

In his career, he has worked on TV series such as “Pasos de Cumbia” (2014), winner of the CNTV ( National Television Council of Chile) or feature films such as Downhill (2016 WT Films), Toro Loco Bloodthirsty (2015, Artsploitation Films) and Hidden in the Woods (2012, Epic Pictures / Remake 2014 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment). Also in advertising, viral and corporate spots.
As a director he has developed two short films: “The Contact” starring Álvaro Escobar, Alejandra Fosalba (Official Selection: Toronto Fantastic Film Festival 2005, BARS 2004) and “IDREAM”, starring Luis Uribe and Alex Rivera (Winner Barlin Sci-Fi FilmFest 2018, FIXION International Film Fest 2019 Best Short Film, Finalist at NanoCon Film Fest Columbia USA.). He is currently working on the mini series CYDONIA starring Vivianne Dietz (I’m Lorenzo), Eyal Meyer (Gloria), Antonia Bosman (Blood Pact) and Orlando Alfaro (Besieged)
In 2019, Juan Pablo wins the Chilean audiovisual culture fund (FONDART) for Cydonia.

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