Jesse Atlas

JESSE ATLAS is a writer/director known for crafting high-concept, character-driven genre thrillers. Jesse’s time-travel love story “Record/Play” exploded onto the festival circuit with screenings at Sundance, LA Film Festival,and Fantastic Fest, among countless others. The film was quickly snatched up as a feature adaptation. Jesse’s latest mind-bending sci-fi short, “Let Them Die Like Lovers,” was a festival favorite atFantastic Fest 2017 and is an official selection of Tribeca Film Festival 2018. Jesse also directed “Kinesthesia,” a chilling supernatural love triangle set in the world of modern dance. The film stars (and is choreographed by) Emmy-Winning dancer Travis Wall of “So You Think You Can Dance” fame. Before moving into narrative, Jesse made the award-winning documentary “At The Green Line,” filmed on location in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The film profiles several Israeli soldiers struggling with their roles as an occupying force. In addition, Jesse co-wrote the upcoming feature documentary “Angels In Exile,” produced and narrated by Charlize Theron, about homeless youth in Durban, South Africa. In addition to his writer/director credits, Jesse brings years of experience as an in-demand editor for high-profile commercials, music videos, and documentary features.

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