Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull

Hasraf ‘ HaZ’ Dulull started his career as a Visual Effects Supervisor / Producer before establishing a reputation from his sci-fi short films – Project Kronos, I.R.I.S and Sync for depicting grounded sci-fi themes.  This leads him to producing, writing and directing his first Feature film – The Beyond – Released by Gravitas Ventures (2018) on all digital platforms including Netflix.  Soon after he Directed and co-produced (based on a story he wrote) – 2036 Origin Unknown starring Katee Sackhoff released by KEW  Media in June (US – limited Theatrical) and Aug – VOD.    He was then hired by Disney to direct the pilot + 3 other episodes for the 8 part action comedy series Fast Layne (TX for 2019).

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