Hannah Welever

Hannah Welever is a multi-hyphenate filmmaker with a hustle mentality and a Midwestern upbringing. With a colorful background in cinematography, Hannah has shifted her visionary skills to become an accomplished director of various forms. Accolades include an AICE Award for her ‘NIKE FORCE IS FEMALE’ campaign, Best Director at SeriesFest for webseries ‘GOOD GENES’, and a recipient of the ASC Vision Scholarship. Hannah’s latest short film, SWIPE UP VIVIAN, has screened around the country (virtually) this past year at festivals such as Outfest, Frameline, Atlanta International, Chicago International, and Fantasia. Hannah is committed to creating refreshing and empowering content that remains at a point of accessibility and relevance to women and minority communities. In early 2019 Hannah created a production company as a hub for underrepresented artists called Good Trouble Films. Hannah currently works as the Director’s Assistant on Showtime’s WORK IN PROGRESS, produced by Lilly Wachowski.

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