Devin J. Dilmore

Devin is a director, producer, cinematographer and editor dedicated to generating the utmost quality of work. Growing up in Calabasas, Devin became a dreamer; inspired by the bright lights of Hollywood. Devin began re-creating films he was fond of and fell in love with the process. In 2002 he started working at creative ad agencies; beginning with graphic design and then quickly moving in to motion graphics and editing T.V. commercials and music videos. In 2010, he founded multi-media company 101 Exit Media, LLC., creating everything from corporate client branding to feature films, T.V. commercials, music videos, social media and film production.

Having directed and shot full length feature films, T.V. shows & commercials, music videos, social media content and corporate material since 2009, Devin has had the privilege of working with the likes of Google, NBC, Guitar Center, Insomniac Events, Vizio, Patioworld, Shinola, Audeze Headphones, The Dance Network, Asylum Films and many more.

Dust Films

ADAM 2.0

Q & A

If the world you created in your film became a reality, is that a world you would want to live in? Is there a Sci-Fi world you’d buy a one-way ticket to?

The world I created isn’t far from what’s going on now. If I had children Im sure they’d be living in the world I created. I’d love to live long enough to see my world as a reality so maybe someone can bring me back as Devin 2.0 one day. A sci-fi world I’d buy a ticket to is Jurassic Park.

Name a Sci-Fi character you relate to on a spiritual level? Who is your Sci-Fi spirit animal/spirit alien?

I’d have to say the Aliens from “Aliens” or the OG “Predator”. I’m one chill happy person almost 100% of the time, but like everyone I have a dark side. And sometimes I feel like Im at war with the film industry like the aliens but strong like the predator and will never give up. Haha.

Friend or Foe: humanoid robots with advanced artificial intelligence? What if robots start making their own Sci-Fi films? Will you support them in their endeavors?

Friend and Friend of the first (2) questions. Even though I would support them I feel they would still need a human touch.

In 1996, Bugs Bunny recruited Michael Jordan and Bill Murray to form the greatest basketball squad of all-time, the Tune Squad; you’re Bugs, who’s on your Sci-Fi Tune Squad?

The Platoon from “Aliens” including Ripley plus the rescue squad from “Predator”.

You’ve gotta go through some bad ideas to get to the good ones. Tell us one of your bad ideas. How do you get past the bad ones to find your spark?

Oh the bad ones. In the beginning days of filming I would take any job. Most of them were simple cheese TV commercials I did for lawyers or insurance companies. I would film everything on DSLR’s as this was right when the Canon 5D MK II camera came out. I didn’t understand white balance, bit rates and compression types. Almost all of those videos were off color balance and were low quality. I quickly learned I needed help when clients would say “why is my face so orange” during the approval stage, or they wouldn’t notice just like I didn’t. I’m glad I learned about white balance quickly after that. Youtube for the win!

Do you consider yourself part of a sci-fi community? Or when your brain is in the future and your body’s in the present, is that isolating?

I do consider myself part of the sci-fi community. I really care about sci-fi films to help the next generation of youth watching new or old sci-fi films, to spark their imagination, like so many films did for me… so the youth can be inspired to make the next big sci-fi film. I also really care about quality of a story, realness and making sure the camera move and lens is correct for the scene being filmed. I feel like I could offer so much to the Sci-fi community. My next job is trying to be the director doing the next Alien or Jurassic Park film. Wish me luck. Hahahaha.

Do you consider yourself more of an analog or digital person? What kind of balance do strike between the two? Is there a disconnect between the technology you make films about and the technology that you make films with?

I’m very much analog and digital at the same time. I grew up in the 80’s, so many things were still analog to me. But I also grew up in the tech boom. I fell in love with computers and cameras in the early 90’s and haven’t stopped working with them. I think my film Adam 2.0 says a lot about analog vs digital. If it’s the right tool, then use it.

When you’re creating the props and sets that make a new world, where do you look for inspiration? How do you create objects that are relatable but unfamiliar?

Im literally inspirited by everything. I’m also a photographer so my eye is always noticing the world around me and I love that. Other people’s art, photos and films always push me. Or it could be as simple as location I found on a hike that inspires my next film. My father was the owner of “Carthay Set Services” here in L.A. for almost 40 years. He’s currently retired and the company is no more, but I grew up on set. I was in awww of my fathers set design skills and creations. He also shared the building with “Reel FX”, a high end practical special effects company, so I got to see lots of amazing things happen. But green screen & 3D modeling quickly hurt the company. So as you can imagine I love a practical set piece’s or props. I almost prefer it. It acts as an important element for the actors to interact. Im always a fan of filming it “ in camera” when possible. But Im also a fan a CGI. There’s always the right tool for the time, so I lean on my visual effects knowledge to help make the right decision when needed.

Lightning round: Star Wars or Star Trek? Philip K. Dick or William S. Burroughs? Practical or CGI? Dystopia or Utopia? Post Apocalypse or Pre Apocalypse?

Star Wars, Philip, Both, Both, Both.