Colin Mason

“Colin J. Mason is a filmmaker and photojournalist and one of the owners of Mirandum Pictures, a full-service studio in Northern VA.. Colin has shot and produced documentaries in Taiwan, the Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Hong Kong, Russia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and twice in China. Colin’s work was used as evidence in congressional affidavits and he has testified before members of Congress on multiple occasions.

Colin also traveled to Tanzania and Uganda with Evan Grae Davis, director of the award-winning documentary It’s A Girl, to conduct human rights research on women’s issues. Colin has been interviewed in The New York Times, NPR, the BBC, and numerous other television, radio, and other news outlets across the world. He also composes music and has more than 15 years of sound design experience, which he brings to bear on many of Mirandum’s projects.

Colin J. Mason lives and works out of Northern VA with his three sons.”

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