Chen Xiaomeng

Chen Xiaomeng Graduated from the high school affiliated to CAFA Beijing Film academy.

Dust Films

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Q & A

Name a Sci-Fi character you relate to on a spiritual level?

Ellen Ripley, Alien.

Friend or Foe: humanoid robots with advanced artificial intelligence? What if robots start making their own Sci-Fi films? Will you support them in their endeavors?

Friend, It must be interesting and I will join them.

You’ve gotta go through some bad ideas to get to the good ones. Tell us one of your bad ideas. How do you get past the bad ones to find your spark?

The key is that you never know it is a bad idea until you have finished the script, but it doesn’t matter. Just throw it away and make a new one. The good one will come.

Do you consider yourself more of an analog or digital person? What kind of balance do strike between the two? Is there a disconnect between the technology you make films about and the technology that you make films with?

In my opinion, there is no future, no past, and no present. You should try to beyond them.

When you’re creating the props and sets that make a new world, where do you look for inspiration? How do you create objects that are relatable but unfamiliar?

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Lightning round: Star Wars or Star Trek? Philip K. Dick or William S. Burroughs? Practical or CGI? Dystopia or Utopia? Post Apocalypse or Pre Apocalypse?

Star Wars, Philip K. Dick, Practical, Utopia, Post Apocalypse.