Casey Crescenzo

Casey Crescenzo is an American composer/performer/artist residing in Washington state. After parting ways with the New England based band The Receiving End of Sirens, he went on to perform his own music under the moniker ‘The Dear Hunter’, blending any style which inspired him with a love of dense arrangement and lush orchestration.

After nearly a decade of incorporating orchestral elements into the music of his bands, Casey branched out to compose his first official symphony titled ‘Amour & Attrition’. A romantic symphony in four parts – ‘Amour & Attrition’ expressively tells the story of the four women to shape a fictional characters romantic evolution. Deeply inspired by the symphonic music of the romantic period, as well as film scores of the 1930’s/40’s, the 35 minute piece was recorded at Besední dům, under the helm of conductor Mikel Toms.

After the release of ‘Amour & Attrition’ through Casey’s own Cave & Canary Goods, he began composing The Dear Hunter’s highly anticipated Acts IV and V, utilizing the skillset he had honed while composing his first symphony – resulting in a more realized version of the sound he was always meaning to attain. Moving forward, Casey is looking to bring his love of orchestral music to new avenues – specifically scoring alongside any visual medium from film to animations to video games.

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