(Photographer: Ashly Covington)

In honor of today’s release of “Wonder Woman” directed by Patty Jenkins, we want to take a look back at DUST & The Director List’s Future is Female screening this past March. The event highlighted several talented women directors behind some of DUST’s favorite shorts. These directors demonstrate they are as capable of telling compelling stories as their male counterparts. So get your popcorn ready and sit back to watch these four sci-fi shorts from our screening plus several new additions to the DUST channel.



“Caleb” by Amanda Mesaikos & Susanne Aichele
To contend with the bullies at school, 9-year-old Caleb decides to 3D print himself. Back home there’s confusion, discord and reshuffled schedules…But maybe this is just what his family needs? With humor at its heart, CALEB is a fundamentally human story about family dynamics and the inevitability of moral dilemmas in the face of advancing technology.


“YOYO” directed by Nicole Delaney
Caroline (Sophie von Haselberg) can’t stand that she is a virgin…and then the world ends. In post-apocalyptic LA, after a dust storm has wiped out the planet, she is convinced that Francis (Martin Starr) was sent as the man to pop her cherry. YOYO is a heartfelt, dark comedy about finding meaning in life, even when life ceases to exist. The short features music by Jean Grae.


“The Gate” by Kellie Madison
As a spiritual war is brewing one woman must fight to save her sister’s soul.


“Blood Ties” by Simon Pannetrat, Marion Louw, Thomas Ricquier, and Sophie Kavouridis
Some fears are too close to home. A young girl must find the strength to face the demon that haunts her.


Bonus: Here are a few pictures from the original screening. It’s like you’re really there!