With narration as demented and cynical as AMERICAN PSYCHO, David Karlak’s sci-fi thriller, THE CANDIDATE gives voice to the dark thoughts that linger in the back of one’s mind and the power behind them. A psychological tension built off the intrigue and witticisms dealt between the pessimistic, stuck in a rut, protagonist Mr. Grunzer, and the seemingly benevolent liaison of a secret society, Carl Tucker, comes to a head in a riveting twist.

THE CANDIDATE is a tug-of-war for power by way of snarky remarks and quips. The dialogue and characters makes the idea that people can murder by sheer willpower feel like magical realism. It’ll almost certainly sweep you up in the terror of having a society a thousand strong want you dead. Be forewarned, you may never walk through the dreary hallways of your cubicle again without wayward thoughts of your coworkers blasting brainpower your way, hoping you’ll drop dead before you make it to the water cooler.

“I don’t say the following words lightly: the opening scene of David Karlak’s The Candidate is perfect. Absolutely perfect.”
– Ivan Kander, Short of the Week

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