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Zac & Mac’s SIMILO gives us a glimpse of post-global-warming life, a future where technology has created the possibility of robot romantic partners. They are human on the outside, machine on the inside. They are perfect lovers — always compliant, never arguing; but still somehow lacking.

When Ciro has a terrible accident, he is essentially recreated as a machine. But this new Ciro barely remembers his lover, Hebe. As desperate as she is to love him, their relationship begins falling apart. He’s perfect, but perfection is no substitute for passion.

This beautiful and tragic vision of the future features flawless production design, cinematography, VFX, and performance; the world it creates is seamless. It questions the meaning of love, our desire for perfection, and how it isn’t all that it seems.

“An ambitious short film from all points of view, with an attention to details utterly rare for an independent project”
– Tommaso Fagioli, goodshortfilms.it

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