A life sentence regardless of the crime. A destitute Earth stricken with hunger and crime. A planet where the smallest of infractions can result in the gravest of consequences. Tyson Johnston’s LUNAR makes the last frontier a one-way ticket to a hellish nightmare for Earth’s convicts they can no longer support.

Taken from their homes to the Lunar penitentiary, these men with a penchant for breaking the law find themselves on a moon that thrives of the absence of justice. The new wild west, where there is no law and their fate is determined at the hands of a government where there’s no one to account for their actions.

But, one man may have found a way for their voices to be heard. A way to escape and tell the people of his home planet of the atrocities they’ve been subject to. A way to seek justice for the harrowing sentence he’s been dealt and if justice can’t be found, revenge.

Watch the making of video here.

“The special effects are impactful without being overbearing, and they’re seamlessly integrated into the story. And more importantly, LUNAR touches on social/political realities that we can relate to.”
– Xiao Mina, The Creators Project

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