Privatization dips its long reaching hand in everything from prisons to energy to military operations. So it’s not far-fetched when corporate greed worms its way into the justice system in From the Future with Love, a sci-fi short directed by K-Michel Parandi. A world where the police are akin to insurance agents and the right coverage could mean the difference between life and death.

There’s no need for a hard hitting villain in this short. The cops take on the role just fine. When morals are replaced with dollar symbols, the lines begin to blur, and what’s right and wrong becomes increasingly hard to tell. In a jurisdiction turf-war, this short turns mundane policy coverage into the stuff of turf wars and mob like police extortion in a way that might make you question what’s worse: an overprotective police state, or one that doesn’t care at all?

“It’s a fantastic premise, and fortunately, the short strings together a series of vignettes that really explore it in compelling ways.”
– Ivan Kander, Short of the Week

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