Last week, DUST and The Director List teamed up for The Future is Female, a celebration highlighting 5 sci-fi short films by women directors. The event’s lineup included Caleb, The Gate, Blood TiesEndings Inc., and DUST Exclusive YOYO – set to premiere in early May.

Caleb directed by Amanda Mesaikos & Susanne Aichele
In Caleb, a young boy finds a creative way to deal with his loneliness and ends up causing ripples through his family.
The Gate directed by Kellie Madison
As a spiritual war is brewing one woman must fight to save her sister’s soul.
Blood Ties directed by Sophie Kavouridis, Marion Louw, Simon Pannetrat, & Thomas Ricquier
A young girl must find the strength to face the demon that haunts her.
Endings Inc. directed by Emmanuelle Pickett
An employee at a “Digital Afterlife” firm hacks into the confidential files of an intriguing client, finding a dark secret and a twisted opportunity.
YOYO directed by Nicole Delaney
In post-apocalyptic LA, this relatable dark comedy explores the meaning of life and one girl’s virginity.


After the screening, The Director List Founder, Destri Martino, led a Q&A with directors Kellie Madison, Emmanuelle Pickett, and Nicole Delaney who were in attendance. All women were in agreement that events like The Future is Female are important in bringing attention to the fact there is no shortage of talented women directors and hope the industry will continue to make more inclusive hiring decisions behind-the-scenes.

In an effort to eliminate the excuse that there aren’t any qualified female directors to hire, Destri Martino formed The Director List. TDL is a searchable database featuring listings for 1000+ greenlightable women directors who have, at minimum, directed a feature-length film, an episode of television, or they are seasoned commercial or music video directors. Since 2012, it has also hosted popular societal media accounts that continue to galvanize film fans to amplify the work of female directors.

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Photos by Ashly Covington

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